Everything you need to know about PRESTO, before your next ride.

It may have been a while since you’ve taken transit, but PRESTO is ready to roll out the welcome mat! While you were away, PRESTO used the time to make upgrades and enhancements to how you load funds and check your balance on the go using the PRESTO App, making your trip more convenient. Here are a few of the PRESTO features introduced, as well as some reminders in case you may have forgotten. 

The PRESTO App. It’s instant!

Say hello to instant loads and transit passes with the user-friendly PRESTO App. Download the PRESTO App from the App store or Google Play, then tap your PRESTO card on the back of your phone to instantly load funds onto it. For one, this feature makes you look cool, for another, cards can now be topped up with funds anytime, anywhere.

The PRESTO App also lets you instantly check your card balance and transaction history. This way, in real-time, you know how much money you have left on your PRESTO card and when your transfer is up.

Discover more by watching this how-to instant load using the PRESTO App video.

Ride Cashless with PRESTO

Say goodbye to paper tickets, tokens, coins and cash, when travelling across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Areas and Ottawa. Simply tap your PRESTO card to pay and travel across 11 different transit systems including GO Transit, UP Express, TTC and more. Here‘s how:  https://www.prestocard.ca/en/about/using-presto. 

Tap on. Take off!

These PRESTO App improvements are the first stop on a journey to better, faster and more convenient payment options for transit across the region. Say hello to your improved PRESTO.

As Ontarians move to un-lockdowns and new routines, PRESTO welcomes riders to discover the ease and convenience on offer. Want to learn more? Just visit www.prestocard.ca/en/about/presto-app.

And download the PRESTO App today at Google Play or App